Saved By The Bell

Tee: vintage
Skirt: Topshop
Jacket: New Look
Creepers: Koi Couture
Necklace: Forever 21
Scarf: vintage

This print on this t-shirt reminds me of Saved By The Bell, a program I watched religiously back in the days when Nickelodeon was literally the best thing ever. Please tell me you haven't forgotten 'As Told By Ginger', 'Hey Arnold!', 'Rugrats', 'The Wild Thornberrys' and 'The Amanda Show'. I know what you're thinking,  and the answer is yes, I did watch far too much TV for my own good.

I've been wearing my hair like this on a regular basis recently. I don't know if it's because the child within me is attempting to intervene with the real world (if you remember Dolly from CBBC's Tracy Beaker then you'll understand what I'm talking about. Apologies if this post seems to be a rambling mess in which I remissness about my childhood TV favourites), or because lately I've because completely and utterly obsessed with Grimes. If her music hasn't yet tantalised your ears, then it's basically (I use this word very loosely) a blend of 70's disco, 80's synth-pop, 90's R&B and 00's new age electronica; which, although may initially appear daunting and overwhelming, is a real delight to listen to. I must admit, 'electronic' isn't a genre that I frequently listen to, but I suprisingly found myself diggin' it (yes, I really did use that phrase.) In addition to making brilliant music, Grimes also has an impeccably eclectic and individual sense of style, consisting of a predominant 90's grunge influence infused with sci-fi and sports-luxe vibes, which is a look that I've become a fan of as of lately.

On Friday we were given a 'study day', which students lower down the school most commonly consider a day off. However, this year I found myself weighed down with masses of work, ranging from regular homework, to controlled assessment preparation and research, to revision, to art prep pieces. Unfortunately, stress and I don't particularly mesh well, so earlier this evening I found myself amidst what appeared to be a miniature breakdown. Unfortunately by the looks of it I'll be spending the duration of tomorrow knuckling down in an attempt to finish my yet-to-be-completed work- wish me luck!

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo

P.S. Koi Couture are currently holding a giveaway on their Facebook page, so I urge you all to head down there straight away!


  1. haha it DOES feel like saved by the bell! so great:) cute hair!

  2. I just love the hole outfit <3 And those creepers give it the character needed

  3. Oh my! I'm a closet fan of Grimes too! I love the Tee, definitely gives off that Saved by the Bell vibe. P:

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Love the cute hairdo with the scarf. <3 Just followed you on GFC, follow me back if you like. :-)

    xx Cherrycandykiss from Vodka & Candy

    P.S.: The Rugrats rock!

  5. Your hair is sooo cute! And yes the tshirt is very zack morris!

  6. Cool style, love the gold chain xx

  7. grimes is my faveeee :D she's such a style inspiration and her music is so awesome of course too :D loving the pigtail buns, I must wear my hair like this more often :D

    rebecca x

  8. omg this outfit's perfect, you look so amazing!
    and i know exactly what you're talking about, i tend to have breakdowns everytime when it comes to exam season.. it's horrible! xx

  9. Your hair is so lovely like that :)
    I love As Told by Ginger, I'm kind of a geek and watch kids shows on youtube xD I'm now proud to say I've watched every episode, I've now moved on to Lizzie Mcguire.
    Oh dear, I'm a complete nerd ;') xoxo

  10. I've been toying with the idea of wearing my hair like this lately..wonder if I'm brave enough? It does look great!

    p.s. 'AMANDA PLEASE'. yes, I remember.

  11. I love that top! Your hairstyle here is so rad, too.

    <3 Melissa

  12. this is so cute, i lurrrrved saved by the bell! those shows were amazing. your hair reminds me of grimes more than dolly (who i actually know hahaha coincidence!). lovely blog though girl followin ya x

  13. Ugh I would wear my hair like this a lot too if I didn't suck at doing hair so much xP
    You look so so rad!

    The Lovelorn

  14. Such a cute outfit, I love the skirt on you!

    Hannah x

  15. You look great and your hair looks amazing like that! Wish I could pull off this look :) xx

  16. such a cutie!
    Join my CHANEL GIVEAWAY!!!

  17. Wow nice outfit!!!! i like your blog! maybe we follow each other ? let me know :) greetings

  18. Oh dear, I like how you pulled off prints with feminine touch which was then beautifully paired with your leather jacket making the outfit a bit of edgy with feminine side. And not to mention your stunningly cute hair with accessory in it.

    ~ Sweetstrings

  19. This is such a cute outfit, love your necklace :)
    Georgia x