Pleather and Fur

Coat: vintage
Shirt: vintage
Skirt: Ebay
Shoes: Office
Hat: H&M

Do you remember the fur coat I mentioned in my previous post? Well, as you can see, I gave in to my compulsions and bought it. I thought I was buying a beautiful vintage synthetic fur coat, but when I brought it home I realised that it may actually be real fur. As a vegetarian, you'd think I'd be totally against it; however I'm not entirely sure where I stand on the issue. What do you think? Is it more ethical to wear vintage fur as opposed to new fur, or are they both a definitive no-go? You may call me a hypocrite, but in my opinion if an animal has been killed (I'm talking at least two decades ago) to create a product, such as a fur coat, then we may as well wear it and make the most of it, rather than hide it away forever. We may as well reuse and recycle fur garments rather than put them to waste, especially if a life has been lost to produce them. Albeit,  this may just be my brain subconsciously attempting to justify my purchasing of the coat. On the other hand, I suppose fur is fur, no matter how old it is. I'm interested to hear your opinions, so please feel free to leave them below!

On a less serious note, I spent the day in Liverpool perusing the vintage shops and visiting the GLAM! exhibition at the Tate. If you haven't been already and it is of access to you, then I'd highly recommend you see it while it's still there. It explores glamour, celebrity culture and vanity of bygone times, through various mediums such as fashion, music, film and photography. I felt as though I'd stumbled into a wonderful transvestite-filled, glittery, fur-clad, lipstick-wearing time warp- and it certainly didn't scrimp on the David Bowie imagery! 

Whilst typing this post, I've come to the realisation that my outfit (well, the coat, shirt and skirt) all came to a total of less than £20. Now that's what I call bargain hunting! 

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo


  1. I am a vegan and personally I'm okay with this, I would never ever buy or wear new fur but it's not really my style in the first place! You look great though. x

  2. I think I agree with your ethos regarding vintage fur. I find it strange that so many people have no issues with wearing leather, but are so sensitive about real fur. Anyways, on a more light hearted note, your shirt is beautiful!

  3. My brother was vegetarian and I remember him having a similar argument with someone regarding a vintage leather jacket he had. If you're buying vintage then you aren't increasing the demand for the products therefore I think it's ok xxx

  4. Love the outfit love your shirt! I think its ok to buy vintage fur because its already been made and it hasnt been done recently. I personally would love a vintage real fur coat but i would never ever buy one that had been recently made as i thinks its wrong to kill something just for its skin.

    Hayley xx

  5. I agree with you about vintage fur! I'm a vegetarian too, and the thought of wearing real fur just kinda freaks me out sometimes, but if I was going to buy real fur, I would definitely buy it vintage (and I have definitely been tempted)and I feel that that is okay, because you're not supporting the company that made it directly. I love your outfit!

  6. YOUR OUTFIT ROCKS. OBVIOUSLY. BC YOUR OUTFITS ALWAYS ROCK. And yeah, I don't think it's an issue wearing any animal products that are vintage because it's not as if you're giving money to the people killing animals for fur; you're giving money to whatever charity shop or vintage store etc that you're shopping at. It doesn't increase demand for it! You look awesome =^.^=

  7. ohh.. this coat and skirt are amazing!
    love your style ;*


  9. So glad I found you via chictopia. You're vintage style is totally inspiring and creative. Following you for sure, lady. Can't wait to see what you do next.

  10. I subscribe to your latter sentiment. I think that fur is fur, whether it's new or used. Either way you look at it, you're still wearing a dead animal around your shoulders. I would be surprised that vegetarians would be OK with that. As a vegetarian myself, I will never wear fur. I would be happy to see used furs (and all furs) eradicated. I say let those poor animals rest in peace. Of course, you didn't know it was real fur until after you bought it, and it's clear that you do appreciate and respect animals, so I certainly don't fault you for keeping it.

    I love your blog, by the way! I've been following you forever. I look forward to more of your posts! <3

    - Anna

  11. Ohmygosh you look so cute with braids and red lipstick!!

  12. What a gorgeous coat!!

  13. I love this look! The fur and the hat look stellar together. And I can totally see a glam influence.

    I completely agree with you about vintage fur. There's no harm in recycling :)

    Also- you should definitely check out the David Bowie retrospective that's coming up at the V&A if you get down to London soon!

  14. I'm in awe of your thrifting skills, you always manage to pick up the best bargains. And you honestly have the best collection of shirts!

    I'm incredibly anti-animal cruelty (is anyone 'for' it??) and I'm very hesitant to ever publicly 'like' real fur clothing, simply because if fur were to become highly fashionable and sought after again, it would inevitably lead to the killing of more animals for this sole purpose. For that reason alone, I don't think I would personally ever wear a real fur product, however I don't fault you in the slightest; the damage has been done after all. And it is an amazing fur coat - if only it weren't real, it would be perfect!

  15. this outfit is super cool! especially love the jacket and top. thanks for your lovely comment x


  16. Prachtige foto's. Ik vind dat je een intrigerend gezicht hebt.