Turkey Photo Diary

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to Kalkan in Turkey with my family for a fortnight. It was our second time staying here, and it definitely lived up to my memories of our first visit two years ago. The temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius on most days, but of course, being a redhead I didn't tan and remained the colour of a sheet of paper, as you'll see below. I thought I'd share some of my photos from the trip with you all, and perhaps they'll encourage you to visit some of the places I did. I'd highly recommend it! 

We went to a restaurant where you sat cross-legged on cushions on the floor, which only served traditional Turkish dishes. If you ever go to Turkey and get the chance to go to a restaurant like this, I urge you to do so! I can only wish places like this existed where I live... 

Some of the traditional Turkish pottery available to purchase as souvenirs. Everything was handmade, which was really reflected in the beautiful intricate detailing. 
Similarly to our previous trip to Kalkan, we hired a boat called a gullet for the day. The captain took us to various islands, coves and inlets, and we were served a delicious lunch of Turkish mezze (although seasickness got the better of me and I was unable to eat much of it, despite it being one of my favourite meals. I'll spare you of the details.)

The breathtaking view from our villa.
The infamous Kaputas beach (usually the beach featured on the cover of all Turkish travel brochures) on the road to Kas. We also stopped off here last time we came, however I've never actually been on the beach. That being said, I don't fancy clambering down the 200+ steps leading down to it.
The streets of Kas were littered with stray cats, although they were much better taken care of than the stray cats in some of the other places we visited. I was in cat lady heaven.
Market stalls in Kas. The streets were filled with the aromas of fresh spices and incense- perfect!
The Greek island of Meis, which was just a short ferry ride away from Kas itself. We took the trip last time and the island was absolutely stunning.
We went on a second boat ride which took us to the sunken city of Kekova, which was extremely interesting. It was Lycian city perched on the hilltops, however following a violent earthquake thousands of years ago it sunk into the sea. Nowadays the area is protected by the government, so unfortunately we couldn't stop the boat or swim there, although luckily the boat had a glass bottom so we were able to look at some of the ancient pottery and ruins. The surrounding hills are now only home to a few goats, as we discovered. On the boat trip we also had six swimming stops, which you can see my sister taking advantage of in the photo above. On one of them we were lucky enough to do some water sports, which was great fun and really cheap too.
We also visited a small cave shown above, although it was only brief. When we stopped for lunch we were greeted by the aquatic equivalent of an ice cream van- an ice cream speedboat. It was so surreal!   

We also stopped off at a small island, although unfortunately its name escapes me. We got off the boat and looked around the few shops that were there, as shown in the photos above.

On one of the other days we also visited Saklikent Gorge. The scale of it is mind blowing, and I'm very glad we took the time to walk through it, as previously we only visited the cafe. Unfortunately we couldn't go further into the gorge once the path stopped, as my mum cannot swim and continuing meant walking through the water which was quite deep in some areas.

We also visited the cafe at Saklikent Gorge, which is my favourite place on the entire earth. It was just as tranquil and beautiful as I remembered, and every table was accompanied by a hammock. I'm still wishing places like this existed in the UK! Once again we sat on cushions on the floor, and the cafe is situated right next to the river, so we took the liberty of dipping our feet in, although the water was freezing. At the cafe I tucked into Turkish menemen (scrambled eggs, pepper and onion) while my parents enjoyed freshly caught local trout. We were also given the opportunity to raft down the area of the river with a stronger current, but we did this last time and considering my dad broke his coccyx doing so, he wasn't feeling up to a second go. 

Two cats regularly visited our villa and we fed them, although it broke my heart saying goodbye to them on the last day, knowing they would go hungry again (the pains of being a cat lady).

On one of the days my dad decided to drive to a nearby trout farm, however we ended up getting lost up a mountain, which wasn't good for my fear of mountainous roads.

Enjoying that, Eleanor?

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo


  1. Ugh I love my country but I have never been able to go to Kalkan. I guess I'm missing out seeing from your photos. I should definitely convince my mom for a vacation there next summer, it would be lovely really.

  2. It looks amazing there! I love all the souvenirs and patterned things - definitely would have come home with a full suitcase!! Your hair looks amazing too and I love your outfits! :)

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    Love Rachael
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    made me super excited for my holiday now

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